Best Probiotic for Parakeets (For Optimal Health)

Budgerigar isolated on white, (Melopsittacus undulatus)

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The best probiotic for parakeets will improve the balance of beneficial bacteria in their digestive tract, improving food digestion and nutrient absorption.

Like other birds, parakeets have a different digestive system. As a result, they cannot precisely digest some foods that humans can. Therefore, giving your bird probiotics is one strategy that can help with this. 

This post will discuss the best probiotic supplements for your parakeet and their components.

Quick Summary: Best Probiotic for Parakeets

Probiotic Best Feature
#1. HealthyGut Avian Probiotics All-natural 
#2. Vital Planet Bird Probiotic Gluten-free 
#3. Nekton-Biotic-Bird Probiotic  Digestion 
#4. UnRuffledRx FeatherUp Multivitamin Excellent feather health 
#5. OASIS Alive & Well Probiotic Strong immune system 
#6. Morning Hearty Bird Easy to use 


Best Probiotic for Parakeets: Top 6 Picks for You

1. Best All-Natural: HealthyGut Avian Probiotics

These probiotics support your bird’s microbiota in general and support proper digestion, pH regulation, defense against feather picking, impacts of stress, and relief from digestive distress or antibiotic use.

For bird pets of all ages and breeds, this prebiotic supplement is recommended; it contains eight types of probiotic microbes that have been frozen. 

Daily sprinkle your parakeet’s food with the probiotic supplement, made with human standards using substances that have undergone quality and purity testing. 

It’s made in the USA with a non-GMO formulation. It also assists pet owners in giving their animals high-quality vitamins to help them live the longest and healthiest lives possible.

2. Best Gluten-Free Probiotic for Parakeets: Vital Planet Bird Probiotic

The probiotic powder Flora Bird for birds has 10 billion microorganisms and seven strains. All birds should take this high-potency probiotic to strengthen their immune and digestive systems.

A wide variety of beneficial bacteria are present in a healthy avian gut. Prebiotics stimulate optimum probiotic growth inside the digestive system and boost natural gut flora, providing protection from stress impacts and aiding in maintaining optimum crop pH. 

It was also created to support the intestinal environment and promote gut health.

This supplement is vegan, gluten-free, and GMO-free. No artificial chemicals, artificial colors, artificial preservatives, or fillers are present in bird probiotics.

3. Best for Digestion: Nekton-Biotic-Bird Probiotic 

All bird species can benefit from the probiotic supplement NEKTON-Biotic-Bird, which is vegan and non-GMO. The probiotic bacteria aid food digestion in the bird’s craw and intestines.

Fructans and mannan-oligosaccharides, two prebiotic nutrients, provide a balanced and natural composition of intestinal and craw flora.

NEKTON-Biotic-Bird eases indigestion and speeds up recovery following antibiotic therapy.

Giving your bird this supplement will help him prepare for stressful events like travel, diet changes, new surroundings, or company. Adding this to their diet will aid in reducing the harmful impact of those events.

4. Best for Excellent Feather Health: UnRuffledRx FeatherUp Multivitamin

Ready to provide your bird with the best? Problem solved! This multivitamin contains 25 necessary nutrients to promote gorgeous feathers and improve general health.

FeatherUp! Provides your parakeet with all the vitamins, calcium, trace minerals, and amino acids he needs for feather production and general health.

Give your bird a dish each day, or two serves when molting or feather regeneration, to keep its plumage looking its best.

This supplement will replenish the bird’s nutrient levels without needing extra supplements or vitamins.

5. Best for Strong Immune System: OASIS Alive & Well Probiotic

This makes it easier to give your bird’s digestive system vitamins, electrolytes, and probiotics when in distress.

Probiotics from Alive & Well help to lessen physical and psychological stress caused by dietary, caging, or environmental changes.

This mixture contains the microflora population and probiotic bacteria essential for post-antibiotic care in birds. By replacing the beneficial bacteria that drugs have destroyed, this probiotic can improve the bird’s immune response to pathogens.

It also helps rehydrate ill or anxious birds who have lost too many fluids due to vomiting or diarrhea. It also aids in maintaining a healthy fluid balance in pet birds with respiratory diseases like the flu, the cold, or psittacosis.

It is also advised to help with chronic illness, weak appetite, and malnutrition recovery.

6. Best Easy-to-Use Probiotic for Parakeets: Morning Hearty Bird

It can be used at all phases of development and provides all the nutrients required for a better immune system and growth function. 

It also contains a high level of the best human-grade minerals and vitamins, such as vitamins A, C, D3, and E. It Supplements the diet of birds by providing the necessary nutrients. 

You can also give it to both young and mature birds daily. Moreover, it’s suited for all species of birds, from macaws to budgies. And lastly, it’s also easy to use.


Although most people don’t regularly consider birds’ health, those who own or care for birds may find this a topic worth discussing. Furthermore, you might be in great company than you think if you own a parakeet.

The most effective approach to putting your bird on the path to a happy and long life is to take care of its health. 

People who enjoy birds know that it can show in many destructive ways when your bird is unwell. Finding the best probiotic for parakeets might be a helpful first step in ensuring their health is optimized.

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