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You have an extended weekend away.  Will your bird have access to clean and regular food?

Considering that you have been feeding your parakeets using an open-seed cup, you might be worried about whether your arrangement will work. Before leaving for your trip, consider investing in an automatic parakeet feeder.

The market has numerous varieties of automatic bird feeders across pet stores and other Independent brands sold online. However, you may need help finding a great product. Some will work well, some may be out of your budget, while others could be better made using better materials.

To help you select a bird feeder that is suited for you.  We have picked the top five best parakeet automatic feeders for you to consider. We have focused on the best features and unique benefits for each one.

A Quick Glance: Best Four Parakeet Automatic Feeder

Parakeet Automatic Feeder Top Features
1. Evursua No Mess Bird Automatic Feeders A sheltered perch and anti-slip board
2. FinYii 2-Pack No-Mess Automatic Bird Feeder Easy to clean, No scatter design
3. Rypet 2 PCS No-Mess Bird Feeder Easy to use
4. Hamiledyi No Mess Bird Cage Feeder Automatic Durable 

Removable Top Cover


Best Parakeet Automatic Feeder

1. Best Anti-Slip Board  Evursua No Mess Bird Automatic Feeders 

This Parakeet feeder is perfect for keeping your parakeet happy and healthy, even when you vacation.  

It is made of one-piece molding of strong acrylic boards. The updated version includes an anti-split board that makes it easy to avoid bird scatter and waste.

It has an easy-to-use screw that makes it easy to hang and keeps the weight steady, as well as a removable board that allows you to get the amount of parakeet food you need. Just remember that the feeder should be installed outside the cage.

Another great feature of the Evursua feeder is a wooden bird perch that helps support the bird when feeding.

2. Best No-Scatter Design Finyii 2-Pack No-Mess Automatic Bird Feeder  

The FinYii is a brilliant bird feeder with a small tray at the front and a feeding trough at the back.  When the parakeet comes to feed, they feed on the tiny seeds first, and all the loose stuff falls onto the trough.  You can easily remove this tray for easy cleaning.

Although there might be a small mess after your birds feed, this automatic parakeet feeder will make caring for your birds easy through the clever design and is easy to use and clean.  

One thing that will make it suitable for your parakeet is that it is designed for smaller birds. 

3. Best For Smaller Birds & Easy To Use Rypet 2 Pcs No-Mess Bird Feeder

The Rypet feeder is ideal for small and medium birds. 

It has a unique feature, a trough below the feeder, that makes it easy to use.

If you are bothered by scattered bird food all over the floor, then you’ll be happy to know that this small bird feeder is a “no-mess” feeder. The grains separate from the husks or any other debris.  All husks are collected in the trough at the bottom, keeping the feeder clean without any scatter.

Your parakeets will quickly learn how to use the feeder if it is their first time.

You will also love that this automatic bird feeder is made of quality materials, is easy to set up, and works flawlessly.  Customers report that they wished they had bought the feeder earlier.

4. Best Durable Hamiledyi No Mess Bird Cage Automatic Feeder 

The Hamiledyi bird feeder is one of our favorites. It is made of durable and strong acrylic.  The bird feeder has an extra drawer at the bottom and a removable cover at the top, perfect for refilling when needed. Because it is transparent, you can quickly tell when to refill food for your birds.

Ensure that you measure the door of your cage before purchasing the automatic feeder to ensure it will fit.

If you do not get the Evursua automatic feeder, this  Hamiledyi brand has similar looks and features and can easily be substituted.


With these automatic parakeet feeders we reviewed here, you will have an excellent selection for your number one choice.  Your parakeet will be glad to get a suitable feeder.

These Parakeet feeders are all high quality and convenient for you. When you buy them, you will ensure that your birds do not lack fresh food whenever you are away.

It is essential to countercheck the cage’s measurement and the bird feeder size to ensure it fits the cage properly.  Select the best parakeet automatic feeder by considering the ease of use, durability, and price.

If you have a parakeet or another smaller bird, one of the smaller feeders would be more suitable.

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