Best Insects for Parakeets (To Boost Immunity and Satisfy Cravings)


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Parakeets are wild birds, and giving them insects will make them happy, not to forget their nutritional benefits. You can include the insect in their grain food or give them as treats before or after meals.

Budgies eat insects from fly larvae, mealworms, crickets’ mosquitos, and roaches. The best part is there are commercially available insects for your parakeet pet.

When choosing the insects, ensure they have low-fat and high protein content for the best development.

Stick on as we narrow down to some of the best insects for your parakeets.

Quick Summary: Best Insects for Parakeets

# Insect Best Feature 
1 Kimoe Dried Mealworms Non-GMO
2 Hatortemp Dried Mealworms Resealable bag
3 Amzey Appetizing Mealworms Thick and juicy
4 Coohgrubs Black Soldier Fly Larvae Crispsy 
5 Bugs for Birds BSF Larvae Probiotics 
6 Value Grubs BSF Larvae High calcium levels
7 Fly Grubs Dried BSF Larvae No preservatives


Best Insects for Parakeets: Our Top 7 Choices

1. Best Overall: Kimoe Dried Mealworms

The 100% natural and non-GMO mealworms have no preservatives or additives; they are well-dried to ensure they are dust-free.

Your parakeets will enjoy these worms, which have a great flavor. They are grown clean and fed with the most healthy and safe vegetables.

The worms are rich in protein and multivitamins to help your bird’s immunity and increase the quality of eggs laid. It also boosts your bird’s immunity in the molting season.

They come in a resealable bag that allows you to bring out the mealworm effortlessly and seal it back to avoid spillage and keep the crispiness on an excellent flavor.

2. Best for Older Birds: Hatortemp Dried Mealworms

The mealworms work for parakeets in all stages and come in a large bag that will serve you longer. They are 100% natural, have no preservatives, and are grown clean.

They are quickly dried to bring crispiness and fragrance, which maximizes flavor, and your birds will crave more. It has high protein levels for immunity, plus the fats and top-grade edible oils help in development.

Its resealable zip ensures our food retains its crispiness and freshness without refrigeration.

3. Best for Young Birds:  Amzey Appetizing Mealworms

These high-quality mealworms are rich in proteins that boost your bird’s immunity. The works are extensive thick, and juicy for an enjoyable treat time.

It also contains fiber, minerals, and edible oils that help baby parakeets grow stronger daily. The food has a long shelf life and doesn’t require refrigeration.

It’s a 100% natural meal harvested in a clean environment and doesn’t contain preservatives or additives that could harm your bird.

4. Best Superior Flavor: Coohgrubs Black Soldier Fly Larvae

The premium dried fly larvae provide a safe and sustainable protein source with more calcium that helps your bird in bone development. 

It’s a good supplement for laying birds since it provides a good balance of essential amino acids, minerals, and fatty acids for eggshell strength and boosting your bird’s immune system.

The dried fly larvae maintain a fresh and crispy taste since its processed through a microwave vacuum drier that retains superior flavor.

5. Best with Probiotics: Bugs for Birds BSF Larvae

The dried larvae provide a good source of calcium for your budgies for a healthy and energetic life. 

They contain probiotics that give your budgie a healthy gut microbiome and are stored in compostable, environmentally friendly bags.

The high proteins are natural supplements when the birds are molting, plus the healthy fat and omega 3s help in the general body development. Your birds will sing in happiness as they satisfy their craving.

6. Best for Breeding Budgies: Value Grubs BSF Larvae

Parakeets will enjoy these dried larvae as an excellent molting supplement and provide them with tasty dietary food.

The larvae have high calcium for the beak and bone development. The protein content boosts their immunity, not to mention the phosphorus, healthy fats, and fiber traces that ease digestion.

It comes in a substantial resealable bag that helps maintain freshness and prevent spillage. The grubs help your sick birds regain normal energy levels; the flavor will leave them craving more.

7. Best for Gifting: Fly Grubs Dried BSF Larvae

Your birds will yearn for more after tasting this fantastic black soldier fly food. They have high calcium levels that keep your birds’ bones and beak healthy. 

Your birds will produce eggs with strong shells with the meal, making breeding easier. It contains proteins that boost your budgie’s immunity and fiber that helps digestion.

The oven-dried black soldier flies do not contain preservatives or additives that could mess up your pet’s health; they are grown on clean farms to enhance quality.

Final Thoughts

Giving your parakeets insects satisfies the wild instinct, and they won’t fly away to look for insects. Ensure that the insects you buy are natural and non-GMO and shouldn’t contain preservatives or additives. They should come in bags that help maintain freshness since parakeets love fresh food.

The insects should have protein, calcium, and other nutrients to help boost immunity and enhance development for healthy wild birds.

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