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Do parakeets need a perch? They do. Perches help your parakeet trim their nails and beak, exercise its legs, and provide a resting platform for your feathery friend. So, with all those benefits, you need to find the best perch for your parakeet.

If you want to place the perch in a parakeet cage, it should be big enough to accommodate a large perch so your parakeet can spread its legs freely. We know finding the best perch for your little perch can be hectic; that’s why we have prepared the below review.

Let’s check them out!

Summary: Best Bird Perch for Your Parakeet

Bird Perch Best Feature
1. Aumuca Bird Perch Attractive
2. Petsvv 4 PCS Bird Perch Sturdy
3. PENN-PLAX Bird-Life Perch Natural
4. Bird Perch Nature Wood Stand Design
5. QUMY 2 Pack Bird Perch  Easy to install


6 Best Bird Perches for Your Parakeet

1. Best Attractive: Aumuca Bird Perch 

Aumuca bird perch combines non-toxic and edible rope with attractive colors. The perch rope attracts and encourages your parakeet to climb and stand on it. 

Furthermore, this bird perch is made from high-quality coated cotton rope and stainless steel wire which is flexible and can be easily twisted into different shapes. The parakeet bird perch is sturdy and can be used for sitting, sleeping, and relaxing.

It is easy to install on your parakeet’s cage. It has metal screws and spacers that are easily fixed on the cage. Additionally, this bird perch has a hook that can be attached anywhere for your parakeet to swing on.

2. Best Sturdy: Petsvv 4 PCS Bird Perch

Made from 100% wood, edible coloring, and quartz sand, it is 100% safe for your little parakeet pet, even when it starts to chew. Moreover, the perches have attractive colors that encourage your pet to relax or stand on them.

Petsvv bird perch has a big circumference. It has a length of 14cm, big enough to allow your parakeet to spread its feet freely. The diameter of the perch is 1.5cm, perfect for holding your pet’s legs in place.

Easy to install. The bird’s perch comes with metal screws which are easy to install on your cage. After the installation, the perch is stable and cannot fall off.

3. Best Natural: PENN-PLAX Bird-Life Perch

This unique tree-like bird perch is made from natural and non-toxic wood that provides your parakeet with a place to grip and exercise. In addition, this parakeet bird perch features two wood branches with different diameters to help your pet exercise its muscles.

This wood tree perch also features two stainless cups, which are screwed on the topmost branch and are removable for a wash. You can place your parakeet’s favorite snack, water, or food on them.

Furthermore, this tree perch is lightweight, meaning you can easily move it from one room to another. This wood tree perch mimics natural trees, giving your parakeet pet a natural feeling.

4. Best Design: Bird Perch Nature Wood Stand

This bird perch has a unique design of tree-like branches. It is made from 100% of natural prickly ash wood, meaning it’s safe for your parakeet to chew. This tree-like bird perch is large and can accommodate 3-4 parakeets.

The bird’s perch has a design of a natural tree branch which gives your feathery friends a wild feeling while interacting with each other. It comes with a durable and sturdy stainless steel connection.

Furthermore, the bird’s perch is easy to install. Just place the perch on top of your parakeet’s cage and attach it with screws. 

Additionally, this bird perch has a height of 11 inches and four side branches with a length of 4 inches each to accommodate multiple birds.

5. Best Easy to Install: QUMY 2 Pack Bird Perch

This wood perch is made from natural wood. It is non-toxic and does not contain painted colors; hence entirely safe for your parakeet to chew. 

Moreover, this bird perch is easy to install. It can be easily attached to any type of cage. You can also choose to mount it outside or inside the cage. 

The fork perch measures 7.87 inches long, and 0.79 inches wide hence can accommodate multiple birds to relax and sleep on it.

When you purchase this perch, it comes with three stainless steel washers, two wing nuts, and two wooden bird perch. 

Final Thoughts

With so many different perches on the market, it’s hard to find the best bird perch for your parakeet. Above are the five best bird perches with different lengths, diameters, and materials.

I hope you find the best one for your little feathered friend.

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