Why Your Parakeet Is Sneezing And When To Worry

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You may need to figure out what to do when your parakeet begins sneezing or displaying behavioral changes. It may be stressful for parakeet owners to discern whether a sneeze is typical or if it’s time to contact a veterinarian.

This article will assist you in getting acquainted with your parakeet’s care requirements, some of the most frequent signs and symptoms of sickness, and what to anticipate when you schedule an appointment with your veterinarian.

Reasons Why Your Parakeet Is Sneezing

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Dust Particles

If these particles remain in the air for an extended period, they might induce an accumulation in the nose, resulting in a sneeze. The greater the dust in the air, the more frequently a parakeet sneezes.

Does the room require more regular cleaning and dusting? Do you need a replacement vacuum?

If you stay in an arid area, the additional dust in the air can irritate you worse. You can resolve this issue using a humidifier, so your parakeet will sneeze less.


Ash and smoky air may cause serious respiratory problems in birds that lead to sneezing. The symptoms are likely to manifest in the nasal, throat, and lungs; however, they may not always be noticeable.

Smoke from outdoor burning might create these conditions. The same principle applies to interior fireplaces. 

Smoke results when unseasoned or still-moist wood undergoes burning.

This air may enter the residence via the chimney if the chimney is unclean. 

Something Stuck Inside The Nose

Without your aid; parakeets can only remove an item from their nostrils by sneezing.

The issue is that minute objects may get trapped in their nasal cavities.

The most common irritants are seed shells and feathery particles.

However, wooden perch splinters, fabric fibers, and dried clumps of excrement are possibilities.


Parakeets have delicate respiratory systems, which makes synthetic perfumes hazardous.

Imagine going through the shopping store’s perfume section. Several odors cause one to feel overwhelmed and disoriented. It may produce watery eyes, a runny nose, and sneezing.

Unfortunately, the experience of parakeets is far worse. The amplification of the effectiveness of the respiratory systems of birds is among the primary causes of death in parakeets.

Other Signs That Accompany Sneezing 

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Like humans, sneezing and watery discharge are often natural. However, veterinary assistance is required if these symptoms occur more frequently. Significant signs of the avian sneezing disease include

  • Colored rather than transparent nasal mucus
  • Apathetic character
  • Continued sneezing
  • The act of fluffing feathers
  • Variations in chirping or voice
  • Dripping eyes
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Wheezing noises
  • The eyes are closed
  • Absence of perching

What to Do if Your Parakeet Is Sneezing

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Try to put your parakeet’s sneeze into perspective if it causes you to worry. How often does the parakeet sneeze?

If it occurs once or twice and there aren’t any other noticeable changes, there is likely no reason for worry. Be vigilant for possible irritants, including

  • Candles, incense, and other smoke-producing sources
  • Home cleaning products and aerosols
  • Air fragrances
  • debris and lint.

Remember that if anything may irritate your nose, it can also irritate the nose of your parakeet.

Keeping your house clean and free of dust is the first line of defense for the health of your bird. It is vital to reduce your parakeet’s exposure to home allergens while cleaning by relocating them to a new spot.

However, do not let your parakeet unfettered access to your entire house. This may cause harm or introduce your bird to further irritants. 

If retaining your parakeet indoors reduces sneezing, that’s fantastic! However, if your budgie persists in sneezing often after making these adjustments or if you see other alterations in your bird, visit your veterinarian immediately.

Can a Parakeet Catch a Cold?

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The response is yes. Occasionally, even your parakeets are susceptible to catching a cold. In contrast to a human cold, they do not disappear after a few rounds of tea, soup, and rest.

You may use a tissue to absorb part of your parakeet’s mucous, but you need to see a veterinarian for the correct medication to cure a cold.

Why Is My Bird Sneezing Liquid?

These are sneezes in which the nares expel fluid. After a sneeze, you may feel a spray if your bird is sitting on you. Occasional wet sneezes are not causing worry if a clear liquid’s emission causes them due to nasal discomfort caused by an item in the nares.

What Can I Do to Aid My Parakeet’s Respiratory Disease?

Oxygen is the safest first therapy for a bird experiencing respiratory distress due to this illness. Your vet could also recommend glucocorticoids or other anti-inflammatory medications.

How Do Unwell Parakeets Express Themselves?

They seem sluggish and will not react to you calling or providing food. Other symptoms include huddling close to its perch, fluffing its feathers, or heavy breathing.

Final Thoughts

A parakeet experiencing a case of sneezing may seem peculiar. Some owners are unaware that parakeets may sneeze; however, this is a natural behavior in some cases.

To empty their nasal tracts of irritants and mucous, parakeets sneeze. It may occur at rare times, or the bird may start sneezing continuously, which is always undesirable. A parakeet will sneeze when anything unpleasant, like seed shells, dandruff, or pollen, enters its nose.

Never overlook a parakeet’s persistent sneezing since it indicates a problem with its habitat or health, like a respiratory illness.

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