Why Is My Parakeet Closing Its Eyes?

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As a bird owner, you’ve probably noticed your parakeet is closing her eyes and wondering whether it is normal behavior or if the bird is not okay. You might also have toyed with the idea of taking your parakeet to the vet for further examination.

There are many reasons a parakeet is closing their eyes, and not all have to do with her health.

It’s usual for parakeets to close their eyes when they are stressed out or tired. Sometimes, closing their eyes can be due to an injury or illness, such as an eye infection or something lodged in their eyes.

If your Parakeet has started closing her eyes frequently or for long periods, contact an avian veterinarian immediately.

Why Does My Parakeet Keep Closing His Eyes?

Your parakeet may close their eyes to express his feelings.

They may close their eyes when they feel safe and comfortable around you. It is usual for parakeets to close their eyes when they’re anxious or tired. Sometimes closing eyes can happen if the bird has an injury or illness.

We will explore some reasons why your parakeet might be closing its eyes. 

After reading the article, you will establish whether the behavior is normal or a cause for alarm.

1. When Sleeping

Take a keen look and notice that parakeets close their eyes when they sleep. These birds also need to rest like the rest of the animals and humans. They sleep to rejuvenate and get back some energy for proper functioning.

You may find a parakeet sleeping with one eye entirely shut while the other is open. It is normal.  They are still able to rest in this manner.

2. When Anxious

Your parakeet may close its eyes when it feels anxious, especially in a new environment.

It’s a good idea to scan through its environment for anything that might be a source of stress to the bird. Loud noises and heightened activity in the surrounding may be familiar sources of tension and discomfort for the bird.

When your parakeet is stressed, you may notice that its eyes appear wet, and it may blink its eyes continuously.

Another sign of stress and anxiety for the bird is when it opens one eye and shuts the other.

Find out what may be causing the discomfort and see what you can change in the parakeet’s environment.

3. When Tired

Parakeet’s eyes may look sunken and dull when tired. They may also close their eyes and seem disinterested in their environment.

4. When Sick

If your parakeet has an injury or is sick, it may show signs of discomfort through tired and closed eyes. Sometimes the eyes may have a discharge and hide their heads in their wings.

Watch out for any of these signs and take your parakeet to an avian specialist or a veterinarian for further evaluation.

5. A Sign of Appreciation

This might be a good sign when your parakeet closes its eyes when close to you. 

When you pet your parakeet, it probably will shut its eyes to show appreciation and contentment. Take it easy, she doesn’t mean you are boring, but on the contrary, it is a great sign of gratitude.

When a parakeet feels safe with you, they close its eyes when you touch him. It may take a while for your bird to achieve this level of safety, but when they obtain it, they show it.

Why is My Parakeet Closing its Eyes and Shaking?

A parakeet shaking his wings might signify a feeling of anxiousness. When birds feel uneasy, anxious, or fearful, they will convey their feelings by shaking their wings. Check their environment to see what they are suspicious of.

You may find that the bird starts to bite or nip to defend itself.

What Does a Stressed Parakeet Look Like?

A parakeet may be stressed for various reasons. These include thirst, hunger, noise, or an unsafe environment that shows distress by closing its eyes.

They may also close their eyes when their energy levels are low.

They may also avoid being handled and show signs of biting and hissing with increased vocal sounds. 

Bottomline: Parakeets and Closing Eyes

Watch your parakeet closely to understand his expressions. Understanding your parakeet may explain some of the reasons he closes his eyes. You will know when they are happy, anxious, stressed, tired, or unwell.

Parakeets will close their eyes when they feel comfortable and when showing affection to their owners. They may also shut their eyes when relaxing and when sleeping.

If your parakeet closes their eyes for an extended period and is not in a joyful mood, you should contact an avian vet to ensure they are just fine.

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