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When you are ready to find a pet bird, you might wonder where to get one. Petco is an ideal first stop where you can peruse various birds available for sale. Petco has been a trusted pet store in the market since 1965.

Before you get one parakeet, getting a lot of information about your new pet will prepare you to take care of your pet bird. Proper maintenance is essential for a healthy parakeet.

We have compiled a list of seven things you should know before you buy a parakeet at Petco.

What You Need To Know Before Getting Your Parakeet at Petco

1. Choose The Right Bird

Choosing a parakeet may feel like choosing a life partner. It could be rightly so because a parakeet can have a long life.

If you are buying a pet bird for the first time, Petco staff will be happy to answer your questions on what to buy and what you need.  Petco sells a variety of other birds for those pet parents looking to add to their collection.

Select a parakeet that is lively, has clear eyes, and has healthy-looking feathers. 

You often find at least four different types of parakeets at Petco stores. You need to call the store near your area to find out which variety is available and in stock at the time you want to visit.

The most common types of parakeets available include

  • Blue parakeet
  • Green Parakeet
  • Fancy Parakeet,
  • Quaker Parakeet

2. Parakeets are Social Birds and Require Lots of Interaction

Parakeets are social creatures and love interacting with you and, if possible, other birds.  You need to give the bird a lot of stimulation and interact with them often so they can be comfortable bonding with you.

When you leave the bird alone, it is likely to get lonely and less willing to interact.

You might find it challenging to play with your parakeet later on if you didn’t get time to interact with it when you first brought it home.

If this is your first purchase, staff at Petco recommend that you buy at least two birds so they can socialize together. 

3. Understand the Lifespan of Parakeets.

How long do Petco parakeets live? Parakeets can live up to fifteen years in captivity under proper care.  Parakeets can be your friends for a long time, depending on the type of bird, the living conditions, and the bird’s health. In their natural habitat, parakeets can live up to 20 years.

Petco stocks birds that are young, aged eight to twelve weeks. However, you may need to ask someone to estimate the bird’s age. Some birds may have been in the store for more than six months.

4. Be Acquainted with a Parakeets Diet

What do parakeets eat? Caring for parakeets also means providing them with the proper diet. Parakeets need a healthy balanced diet to live well. 

A parakeet diet consists of seeds, pellets, vegetables, nuts, and fruits. 

Many people often buy seeds and pellets from the pet store and forget that the bird also needs some vegetables and fruits. But, be sure not to give fruits daily because they contain lots of sugar. 

Parakeets enjoy a variety of fruits and vegetables, including oranges, apples, pears, melon, spinach, lettuce, and carrots. Seeds can include millet, safflower, sunflower, canary, and groats. Do not forget to provide fresh water for your parakeet. 

You likely see the parakeets taking only a few bites of the food you offer. This is completely okay. A maximum of two tablespoons is enough to feed a healthy parakeet daily.

5. The Price of Parakeets

How much do Parakeets cost at Petco? Many potential pet owners want to know the answer. 

The price of parakeets varies based on a few factors, such as breed, age, and physical appearance. (BIG vs. SMALL). Prices range from USD 20-500. Most common blue and green parakeets will cost you $49.99.


Type of Parakeet Cost at Petco (USD)
Blue Parakeet 49.99
Green Parakeet 49.99
Fancy Parakeet 49.99
Quaker Parakeet 499.99

The cost of the bird, however, is only part of the budget. Other items you may consider adding to your shopping list may also be costly. Additional items for your bird include toys, a cage, perches, food, and pet vet care.

6. Get a Comfortable Habitat for Your Parakeet 

Before you take your parakeet home, ensure you have prepared a comfortable home for them. What does the home starter bundle look like?

It would help if you had a sizable cage that is big enough for the parakeet to fly and play in. Although it is possible to live without a cell, the parakeets could be injured while flying across the room or destroy your items.

Petco sells many cages with different costs, sizes, and designs.

Since parakeets are interactive, get them some foraging toys that mimic their native environment. Bird toys ensure that your parakeet is busy and happy throughout the day. Also, expect to add in perches, food bowls, and a water bottle.

7. Parakeets Need Your Training to Adjust at Home. 

Take time to play and interact with your parakeet once you get it home.

The birds at Petco often have to put up with a challenging environment, loud noises, cramped space and have to share toys. 

Parakeets from Petco take time to warm up to you and get used to their new home.


Once you are ready, head to Petco and get a parakeet. These are fun birds and are social once you get to know each other.

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