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Parakeets are lovely birds that many bird owners love to breed and keep. 

If you are looking to breed parakeets, it is easier if you pair them. Let them bond together. Make sure to provide a favorable environment for them to bond and mate.

Remember to provide enough water and food. 

Once the birds have bonded among themselves, they will likely feel comfortable and mate. The female bird will lay eggs and sit on them to hatch them. After a while, the eggs will hatch, and you will get new baby parakeets.

This guide answers your questions about how to breed parakeets and how you can prepare your birds for breeding.

How To Breed Parakeets at Home

It is easy to breed parakeets at home. Just be prepared and have everything you need for the breeding process.   

The first thing is getting the right parakeets. You can buy your birds from a shop, a friend, or a reputable breeder.  

Next, get a cage for your birds. Give them time to acclimatize to their brand-new environment and feel comfortable with each other.

Get a nest or nest box where your birds can go in and out when they are ready to mate.

Provide enough food and water for your birds.

The birds may breed repeatedly, and the female will lay eggs in about ten days. The parakeet will sit on the eggs to incubate them until they are ready to hatch. 

Parakeets will care for their offspring by feeding them and teaching them critical life skills.

What Do Parakeets Need To Breed?

As mentioned, you must keep your parakeets as comfortable as possible to encourage them to breed.

Here are some items you will need for your parakeets to breed.

  • Parakeet breeding cage. Get a large enough cage to accommodate two birds. The cage should measure at least 24” L x 12” W x 16” H. The cage should have a door where your birds can have access to go in and out.
  • Perches. Add at least two wooden perches where your birds can relax and a few swings.
  • Parakeet breeding nest. There are different types of breeding nests. Some come already pre-made using woven sisal or a wooden box.
  • Nesting materials. Include nesting materials that can provide a comfortable spot for your bird. Examples include wooden shavings and old newspapers.
  • Food. Include a dish inside the cage to pour the bird’s food. Provide a variety of fresh foods, including fresh fruits and vegetables, a mix of seeds, and pellets. 
  • Water. Ensure that you provide your birds with clean drinking water. If the water gets dirty during the day, refill it with clean water and wash the container.
  • Enough lighting. You can use artificial lighting if you live in a room without enough natural light. Parakeets need about 12 hours of light daily, especially in breeding conditions. 

 How Do I Get My Parakeets To Breed?

For parakeets to breed, they need to bond well together. 

Keep them together in a cage spacious enough for both of them. They will get used to living together and can even try to play with each other. 

Keep the cage in a warm room and cover it at night.

After you notice that the birds are comfortable with each other, you can set up a nesting box inside the cage. The correct setup with a nesting box will encourage them to breed. Provide them with bathing water to encourage them to mate. 

It will be just a matter of time before they start breeding, provided you offer a variety of food, water, and a clean environment.

How Do I Know If My Parakeets are Mating?

Look out for any signs of readiness from the female parakeet. 

She will lower her beak forward and slightly raise her tail when ready. The antics will alert the male bird to go closer to her and start mating. He will then rub himself against the female bird and position himself over the female. They then mate for a few minutes. 

Avoid opening their cage too frequently, as they might become stressed and refuse to mate.

 How Long Does It Take To Breed Parakeets?

There is no set rule for how long it takes parakeets to breed. 

They can breed within four weeks of being together or even after eight weeks. However, some parakeets will take less time, while others will take longer.

Mature female parakeets can breed for about four years and their male counterparts for six years.


Breeding parakeets is not difficult, but it takes a lot of dedication, time, and energy to achieve success.

The most critical thing is choosing healthy birds and giving them time to bond with each other. Parakeets will not start breeding until they have fully bonded.

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