How Many Colors of Parakeets Are There?

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If you’re a parakeet parent, you may have noticed that your feathered companion comes in all sorts of colors — from bright blues and vibrant greens to subtle pastels. But how many colors are there? Whether you’ve just started researching the parakeet breeds or you already have one at home, learning about the different types of these beautiful birds can be fascinating. In this blog post, we’ll explore the variety of colors and patterns that parakeets come in – so read on if you’d like to find out more!

How many colors of budgies are there?

The answer may surprise you! There are actually around 11 different solid colors, as well as many more combinations and mutations, making the total number of parakeet color variations somewhere around 32. The most common parakeet colors include green, blue, yellow, white, gray, pied (black-and-white spotted), lutino (yellow with white wing tips), and mauve (purple-blue). 


You can also find parakeets in other colors, such as cinnamon, grey-green, olive, aqua, and albino. Each color variation has its unique look and personality. In addition to the solid colors listed above, there are a variety of combinations and mutations that can create additional color variations, such as the popular blue-and-yellow parakeet.

How many types of parakeets are there?

With over 100 species of parakeets, it can be difficult to keep track of all the different types! In general, parakeets are small and vibrant birds. Depending on the species, they range in color from greens and blues to even pinks or purples. Some popular species include budgies, ring-necked parakeets, monk parakeets, and quaker parrots – these birds make great pets due to their inquisitive nature, intelligence, and sociability.


When considering what type of parakeet to get as a pet, research into their individual needs is key – some larger varieties require more space than smaller ones for instance. All in all, though, parakeets bring a burst of life into any home with their personality and a wide array of colorful feathers!

What color are fancy parakeets?

Fancy parakeets come in a range of amazing colors. There’s the wild type which is green with black, yellow, and white accents; then there are more exotic varieties, such as blue, albino, lutino, and dilute.


Not only that, but domestic breeders have bred dozens of other mutations including pieds, cinnamons, and opalines. The plumage brilliance of fancy parakeets can be quite spectacular making them the envy of any avian enthusiast looking to add some color to their collection.

Is there a pink budgie?

Is there a pink budgie, you ask? Well, it depends on how you define “pink”. The most common type of budgie is the green-blue variety. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t some feathered friends out there that don’t look a bit different! Budgies have been selectively bred over time to generate lots of beautiful colors and patterns.


So yes, you can find budgies that feature shades of pink and plenty more vibrant hues in the spectrum. If you’ve got a hankering for a rosy-hued buddy, then start searching around your local pet store or rescue center for one – you just might be surprised at what treasures you discover!

What is the rarest parakeet?

The rarest parakeet in the world is undoubtedly the Golden-shouldered Parakeet. Endemic to a small slice of Australia, it is one of the most elusive birds around. With its unique combination of a black head, bright green body, and beautiful golden shoulder patches, it stands out from other birds of its type.


Unfortunately, this parakeet is endangered due to large-scale land clearing and logging in its native habitat. As such, it can only be found in areas where protection efforts are underway. It’s an absolute pleasure to spot this beautiful bird in its natural environment, so if you’re ever Down Under it’s something you should try and look out for!

Summary: How Many Colors of Parakeets Are There?

Parakeets affectionally referred to as budgies, come in many, many hues and all are bright reminders of the beauty and diversity in nature. If you’re considering adopting a parakeet of your very own, check out the list of varieties above to narrow down your selection. No matter which behavior traits and colors attract you, these merry little birds are sure to bring joy and sunshine into any household!


From majestic blues and lush greens to shy pieds dappled with everything in between, parakeets are sure to bring a smile to everyone who has the pleasure of interacting with them. Whether kept solo or part of a flock, their delightful cheeps and chirps will be music to your ears for years to come.


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