How Long Do Parakeets Live Without Food?


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As a parakeet parent, you must understand her, including her basic needs, such as diet. Food and water are two basic needs they need to take care of daily. So, how long do parakeets live without food?

Parakeets are very active, requiring a lot of energy to supplement their active lifestyle. Hence, the longest time a parakeet can go without food is 24 hours. At this time, they will have used all their stored energy and might start to become very ill.

So, Let’s learn more about Parakeets and their diet.

How Often Do Parakeets Need to Eat?

Parakeets need to eat every day because of their active metabolism. They can get ill for more than 24 hours without food. Parakeets mainly eat pellets or parakeet seeds. You can also feed them hard-cooked eggs, grated cheese, yellow veggies, and fruits. 

When feeding them, ensure their bowl or dish is clean to prevent the growth of bacteria. You can also sprinkle powdered vitamins on their food and feed them water daily.

What Happens If Your Parakeet Doesn’t Eat?

Pet parakeets need to consume food and water daily for their health and development. Remember, they have an active metabolism, hence the need to consume food daily. Their bodies will become weak when a parakeet doesn’t drink or eat.

How Long Do Parakeets Live Without Water?

Parakeets can only survive without water for 24 hours, and when they exceed this time frame, they will experience health problems. Parakeets are small-bodied birds with a high metabolism; hence, they must always stay hydrated.

Moreover, 80% of their body is composed of water hence the need to drink water more often.

What is Toxic to Parakeets?

Any food that contains a lot of citric acids can cause stomach upset in parakeets. Limes and lemons contain citric acid, so you should avoid giving it to your parakeet. Apricots, cherries, and peach stones are more toxic and can kill your parakeet pet.

Do you Have to Cover Your Parakeet at Night?

Some parakeets like to be covered while sleeping, while others don’t like to be covered. However, parakeets like to sleep in hidden places, quiet and dark.

Note that sleep is good for the well-being of your parakeet, and they should sleep at least 12 hours. However, light can disturb their sleep, so it’s good to cover their cage.

Why Do Parakeets Bite You?

Just like many pets, parakeets bite when they feel afraid or threatened. Parakeets are also very territorial, so they can bite to protect their mates or eggs. If they see other pets or unfamiliar humans, they bite. However, a parakeet is a fast learner and can be trained not to bite.

Where Should You Not Touch a Parakeet?

There are some places that parakeets don’t like to be touched, like, their wings and tail. Touching them will encourage mating hormones in them. However, you can start by touching them on their neck or head.

How Can I Tell If My Parakeet is Happy?

A happy parakeet will often mimic sounds they have heard, tweet a song or even talk. They also whistle, regurgitate, or even chew. Parakeets are keen to learn and often mimic words they hear from their owners. 

How Often Should I Spray My Parakeet With Water?

Birds bathe daily, so you should spray them with water daily. Besides, bathing is every bird’s daily routine, as they usually bathe in rainwater. Ensure you spray their feathers under the wings and the chest. Spraying them helps with itching, molting, and feather plucking.

Do Parakeets Like Cold or Hot Water?

When bathing your parakeet, ensure the water is cool or lukewarm. The water should also not be too hot. If you intend to use refrigerated water, ensure it stands for about 20 minutes before using it on your parakeet. 

Should You Leave Food in a Parakeet’s Cage?

Leaving food in your parakeet’s cage can attract rodents. Ensure you remove all food before bedtime. Cooked food like sweet potatoes and quinoa get spoiled so fast, so if you feed them in the morning, ensure you remove the remains before leaving for work.

What is a Parakeet’s Favorite Thing to Do?

Parakeets love to entertain themselves with toys in their cage, so ensure they have enough. They also like to play with their owners, and they also like to bathe, so ensure to bathe them daily or at least three times per week.

Final Thoughts

Proper feeding of your feathered friend is essential for its well-being and health in general. But how long do parakeets live without food? As mentioned earlier, parakeets cannot stay more than 24 hours without food and water. 

More so, staying without food puts them at high risk of perishing. If you are not around, leave them under the care of a caregiver.

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