Do Parakeets Smell?

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Are you considering adding a feathered friend to your household? If so, then a parakeet may be just the pet for you! Parakeets are colorful, and active and can make great companions. Plus, unlike with some pets, taking care of them doesn’t involve picking up poop or cleaning fur off the furniture! But before making such an important decision as getting any pet, it is important to do research – including asking yourself “Do parakeets smell?” This blog post will answer that question once and for all – so read on if you’re considering adding one of these cheery little birds to your home!

Do budgies make your room smell?

Keeping pet birds, like a budgie, is not just fun but also beneficial – they help reduce stress and give you something to look forward to at the end of the day! Plus, they don’t make your room smell. 


Your budgie may produce a mess in its cage which needs cleaning regularly but any odor that comes with it can easily be managed by cleaning the cage twice weekly or more often if needed. Also, you can eliminate odors effortlessly by using a fresh litter of woodshavings or using some natural oils such as lemongrass and lavender. All in all, there’s no worry about unpleasant odors when keeping a beautiful budgie at home!

Do parakeets poop a lot?

It’s no surprise that a pet as popular as the parakeet can leave owners asking questions about these sweet birds. One of the biggest mysteries? How much do parakeets poop? The answer is, unfortunately, quite a bit. Even smaller parakeets such as Budgies will produce an impressive 30 to 75 droppings per day.


So if you’re adopting one of these feathered cuties, it’s best to prepare for some clean-up duties. But thankfully, the payoff for enduring their littering is that they make excellent companions with their friendly and social behavior.

Do parakeet cages stink?

There’s no denying that bird cages can stink. But whether or not parakeet cages are smelly is up for debate. While some folks say that their feathered friend’s home doesn’t smell any different from any other pet’s cage, others are quick to point out the distinct aroma of a parakeet cage. So, what gives? Well, it seems that the answer may come down to diet and cleanliness.


A well-fed parakeet who eats a healthy diet of fresh fruits and vegetables is less likely to produce stinky droppings than one who eats processed bird food. And, of course, a clean cage is always going to be less smelly than a dirty one. So, if you’re concerned about your parakeet cage smelling bad, make sure you’re feeding your bird well and keeping their cage clean.

Why does my parakeet smell so bad?

If you’ve noticed that your parakeet has been smelling particularly bad lately, there could be a few reasons. One possibility is that the bird’s cage needs to be cleaned more regularly. Parakeets can produce droppings pretty quickly, and if the bottom of their cage gets too dirty it can make a smell that is hard to ignore. The water bowl might also need to be emptied and refilled daily – cabin build-up in there can cause some unpleasant odors as well.


Lastly, check the food dish to make sure that nothing has gotten stuck or gone bad; leftover pieces of seed or treats will start to smell strong if they’re left for too long! With just a bit of extra cleaning and maintenance, you should have your parakeet smell fresh once again!

Do budgies like to Bath?

Budgies are very intelligent and curious birds, so it’s no surprise that they love bathing! A budgie’s daily shower is an important part of keeping them healthy. Not only does it help keep their feathers clean, but it also helps keep their skin free from mites and parasites.


They enjoy the sensation of warm water so much that some people swear that budgies will even choose to hop into the bath water themselves. To make any bathing session extra enjoyable for your budgie, be sure to use lukewarm water and give them a spray bottle filled with room-temperature water for added fun.

Conclusion: Do Parakeets Smell?

All in all, parakeets certainly have a unique odor that is not unpleasant to most humans. While they don’t groom themselves like cats and other animals, they are still capable of eliminating bacteria and removing dirt due to their frequent preening.


Owners may need to make sure that their bird cage is routinely cleaned to keep odors minimal and proper nutrition should be given for healthy feathers and skin. Parakeets are beautiful, cheerful little birds that bring joy wherever they go so make sure to take the necessary steps mentioned here to properly care for them too!


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