Can Parrots and Parakeets Live Together?

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Are you a bird lover with parrots and parakeets and thinking of keeping the birds together? 

Keeping the birds in the same aviary is a good move, but we wouldn’t recommend keeping them in the same cage.

If you insist on keeping your birds together, move their cages close to each other as you supervise their behavior. Remember, some birds will get along while others won’t.

Stick on as we learn more about parrot and parakeet compatibility and if parakeets can live with other birds.

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Introducing Parrots to Parakeets

Parakeets and parrots are social creatures and would prefer the company of other birds in the aviary. When in the wild, the birds move in flocks; hence, you should consider keeping at least two birds.

You can train your parrot to accommodate various parakeet species, but in most cases, larger parrots tend to bully the parakeets.

Meyers parrots are the best choice to combine with parakeets since they are social and can enjoy almost all bird’s company. They are quiet and won’t disturb your budgies.

To reduce the probability of conflict, if you must keep the birds together, use a large cage to create enough space for each of them to stay on their own when they need to avoid each other.

Additionally, avail perches and bird toys to keep the birds busy; when they get bored, they won’t pick on each other.

What Factors Should You Check Before Combining a Parrot and a Parakeet?

1. Temperament

The birds have different temperaments; where budgies are docile and gentle, and you can easily tame them when young. They don’t get aggressive quickly and hence make excellent cage mates.

Parrots also display different traits, from loud, quiet, and reserved. Before you combine your birds, get to know the individual temperament. The birds are super intelligent and can quickly get aggressive when you hurt their feelings. The temperament levels also depend on the parrot species.

2. Size

Before mixing the bird, ensure the sizes match well. Budgies are smaller than parrots, and when keeping them together, it’s best to combine young parrots with budgies since their sizes may be compatible. If you combine large birds with small ones, they are highly likely to keep fighting.

Parakeets have smaller beaks, and parrots have higher chances of attacking them since they can’t defend themselves. Small-breed parrots can live with parakeets. Remember to supervise the birds if you must keep them together.

Which Birds Do Parakeets Get Along With?

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As mentioned earlier, parakeets are fantastic buddies and can combine with other small birds for a social aviary. With enough space and food, the bird will rarely fight others.

Here are some other birds that will live together with budgies.

1. Finches

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Finches and budgies get along with each other and can live together in a spacious cage or aviary.

Since their temperaments and sizes are compatible, zebra finches are the best to combine with parakeets. Domesticated parakeets also tend to be harsher than bush ones. Start with keeping the birds in adjacent cages as you monitor their temperament.

Additionally, finches are more playful than parakeets and require more space, so you should provide additional perches in the cell.

2. Cockatiels

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The birds make good companions for the budgies with their laid-back nature that keeps them cool and won’t try to take over the perches.

The birds have different dietary needs, and you should keep their food and water on opposite sides as eating each other’s food may cause diseases. However, not all will get along well, and you should separate them to avoid fights.

3. Canaries

You can introduce your canary to the budgies in the same aviary, and they can get along quickly with all the necessities. However, please put them in a different cage since canaries need more hiding places.

How Can You Tell if Your Birds are Getting Along?

If your parrot and parakeet start spending time together, it’s a sign that they are becoming good friends. They may begin to play together and share perches peacefully. Sometimes you will hear the birds squawking, which is a natural expression, only checking that there’s no violence.

Can Parakeets Live in Pairs?

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Yes. Keeping two budgies is the best idea for a happier stay in the cage. The birds enjoy living in large flocks in the wild and won’t mind staying with each other. With the pair, you won’t have to spend most of your time looking for something to increase their happiness.

Final Thoughts

Parakeets are calm birds and can live well with some parrot species. Ensure the birds you keep with your budgies aren’t aggressive for a peaceful stay. A diverse environment in the aviary will give your birds an easy time together.

I wouldn’t recommend keeping parakeets and other birds in the same cage. However, if you need to, ensure the cage is spacious so the birds will enjoy their space and keep different bowls of food and water. Remember to separate the birds if you notice fighting.

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